Ground Handling Services

Call for Expression of Interest

Fraport Regional Airports of Greece Β S.A. is launching a call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for the provision of in-flight catering ramp self-handling (category 5.7 of the Basic Ground Handling Regulation) to airport users for the airports of Mikonos (JMK) and Santorini (JTR).

In accordance with EU and Greek ground handling legislation, and in order to answer this call, the interested airport users must, by 16 April 2021:

a) supply a written EoI either via mail or email to the following addresses:
Fraport Regional Airports of Greece Β S.A.
Attn.: Mr. M. Stamoulis
Germanikis Scholis 10
15123 Maroussi
[email protected]

b) and include for each of the airports the following information or documents:

  1. the annual number of transported passengers
  2. the density of the company’s routes network in Greece
  3. the suitability and sufficiency of resources (equipment and personnel), the environmental friendly technology used and the existence of a quality management system
  4. the existence of a home base at the airport
  5. the number and type aircrafts

The purpose of this call for EoI is to identify the potential airport users that are interested in providing in-flight catering ramp self-handling at the aforementioned airport. After the expiration of the call for EoI interested airport users will be informed on the way forward accordingly.

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