Aktion/Preveza is a commercial harbor and tourist hub benefiting from its proximity to the nearby Lefkada and Megannissi islands both attractive beach holiday destinations. Activities in the area vary to satisfy different groups of travelers and include busy resorts, eco-tourism, windsurfing and yachting.

Facts about the region

The municipalities of Aktion/Vonitsa and Preveza have many archeological sites and points of historical interest, monasteries, churches and castles.

The undersea road tunnel across the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf which links Epirus and the city of Preveza with the cape of Aktion in Aetoloacarnania has greatly contributed to the development of the region of Preveza.

The Acheron River that runs throughout Preveza to flow into the Ionian Sea at Ammoudia village has always played an important role in the history and the tradition of the greater area and Greece in general. In Antiquity, Acheron was thought to be the passing to the Underworld; the souls had to pay a coin to the boatman in order to pass to the other side and rest in peace. Nowadays, the same river is a place for recreational activities and water sports with unique natural beauty.

Famous for

  • Nicopolis, an ancient city
  • Necromanteio, meaning the oracle of the deads, where the pilgrims could contact their ancestors and predict the future
  • Avgotaraho from Preveza also known as the “Caviar of the Amvrakikos Gulf”, is made from the eggs of the Grey Mullet fish
  • Tsipouro, strong distilled drink that is made from the grape skins left over from wine production
  • The Sardine Festival held each year in August

Facts and Figures about Aktion Airport

Aktion Airport is a regional airport located in mainland Greece near the city of Preveza connecting Western Greece with destinations in the EU. The airport is a gateway to regions in Western Greece as well as the nearby islands of Lefkada and Meganissi which are attractive beach holiday destinations. The airport processes around 70% of its annual passengers from June to September. Domestic flights are operated throughout the year.

The catchment area of Aktion Airport includes Preveza, Lefkada, Megannisi, Ioannina and the Southern part of Broader Epirus region.

Passengers 2015: 0.4 million
Aircraft Movements 2015: 3,800
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1

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