Mykonos is a popular destination among Greek nationals as well as foreign tourists. During the summer months it is mainly attracting Italian and British tourists. As part of the Cyclades, the island has many beaches and has gained the name of ‘Capri of Greece’.

Facts about Mykonos 

In Greek mythology, Mykonos was named after its first ruler, Mykons, the grandson of the god Apollo and a local hero.

Mykonos' nickname is “The Island of the Winds”.

Famous for

  • Petros the Pelican - an old celebrity of the town's waterfront, has been the official mascot of Mykonos.
  • Mykonos windmills, a defining feature of the Mykonian landscape; many of them are dotted around the island, but most are concentrated in the main town of Chora 
  • Mikri Venetia (Little Venice), rows of fishing houses lining the waterfront with their balconies hanging over the sea; the first one was constructed in the mid-18th century. 
  • Kopanisti, a kind of soft spicy cheese made of a mixture of goat's and cow's milk 
  • Louza of Mykonos, a traditional delicacy
  • Mykonos sausages

Facts and Figures about Mykonos Airport

Mykonos Airport serves international and domestic destinations.

The catchment area of Mykonos Airport comprises Mykonos Island. 

Passengers 2015: 0.9 million
Aircraft Movements 2015: 9,500
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1

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