Corfu is part of the Ionian Islands in Western Greece. The island of Corfu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe attracting visitors mainly from the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy and Austria.

Facts about Corfu

The island is bound up with the history of Greece from the beginnings of Greek mythology. Its Greek name, Kerkyra or Korkyra, is related to two powerful water symbols: Poseidon, god of the sea, and Asopos, an important Greek mainland river. According to the myth, Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, daughter of Asopus and river nymph Metope and abducted her. Poseidon brought Korkyra to the hitherto unnamed island and, in marital bliss, offered her name to the place: Korkyra which gradually evolved to Kerkyra.

The island was the location of the 1994 European Union summit.

Many movies use Corfu as their main location.

Famous for

  • The Old Town of Corfu City is an UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The nearby island, known as Pontikonisi (Greek meaning "Mouse Island") 
  • Achilleion, a palace built in Gastouri, Corfu by Empress of Austria-Hungary Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi
  • The bands of the three Philharmonic Societies
  • Bergamot orange, a fragrant fruit that has the size of an orange, with a yellow color similar to a lemon
  • Local specialties like sofrito (a veal rump roast of Venetian origin), pastitsáda (bucatini pasta served with diced veal cooked in a tomato sauce), bourdétto (cod cooked in a peppery sauce), mándoles (caramelized almonds), pastéli (honey bars made with sesame, almonds or pistacchios), mandoláto (a "pastéli" made of crushed almonds, sugar, honey and vanilla) and tzitzibíra, the local ginger beer.

Facts and Figures about Corfu Airport

Corfu Airport is an Ionian Island airport located in Corfu. The airport offers connections to international and domestic destinations by both scheduled and charter carriers. 

The catchment area of Corfu Airport includes Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos.

Passengers 2015: 2.4 million
Aircraft Movements 2015:18,400
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1

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