Kavala is the second largest mainland town in Northern Greece, after Thessaloniki.

Facts about Kavala

In Antiquity the name of the city was Neapolis and during the Middle Ages it was devoutly renamed Christoupolis.

Kamares, meaning arches, are the trademark of Kavala and a listed monument. It is a well-preserved aqueduct, 52 meters high, consisting of 60 arches.

The Kavala Acropolis was built by the Ottomans between 1425 and 1530 on the ruins of a byzantine castle.

Kavala hosts a wide array of cultural events, which mostly take place during the summer months.

Famous for

  • Wine
  • Tsipouro
  • Kourabiedes, sugar-coated almond biscuits

Facts and Figures about Kavala Airport

Kavala Airport is the smallest airport within Fraport Greece’s portfolio. The airport provides connections to North-Eastern Greece and the island of Thassos. It serves year-round domestic and seasonal international flights, most of them to / from Germany and the UK. 

The catchment area of Kavala Airport includes Eastern Macedonia, Thassos and Samothraci.

Passengers 2015: 0.2 million
Aircraft Movements 2015: 3,100
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1

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