Fraport Greece’s aviation experts are mainly responsible for terminal and traffic management.

Terminal management comprises the overall management of terminal facilities and the optimization of passenger processes at the 14 Greek Regional Airports whereas traffic management includes route development, i. e. establishing and maintaining contacts with airlines.

Our aim is to increase passenger figures and to extend the tourist season on the one hand and to guarantee safe and smooth operations and passenger flows on the other hand.

Airport Charges

Invitation to extraordinary consultation meeting on airport charges for Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) on 29 July 2016

Decision relating to the determination of Regulated Aeronautical Charges of Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” (SKG)

The aeronautical charges for each of the 14 regional airports will be effective from the day of the transfer of the airport operations to Fraport Greece. The respective aeronautical charges can be downloaded via the following links:

"Makedonia" Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG)
Aktion Airport (PVK)
Chania Airport (CHQ)
Corfu Airport (CFU)
Kavala Airport (KVA)
Kefalonia Airport (EFL)
Zakynthos Airport (ZTH)

Kos Airport (KGS)
Mykonos Airport (JMK)
Mytilene Airport (MJT)
Rhodes Airport (RHO)
Samos Airport (SMI)
Santorini Airport (JTR)
Skiathos Airport (JSI)

Traffic Figures

Combined, the 14 Greek regional airports served more than 23 million passengers in 2015 (+6%). There has been a very positive development in the first months of 2016 over the same period in 2015. 


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