The Company

Fraport Greece was created in 2015 and is responsible for maintaining, operating, managing, upgrading and developing 14 regional airports in Greece over a period of 40 years. The operational transfer of the airports to Fraport Greece to take place on April 11th, 2017.

Two separate, almost identical concessions were granted by the Greek State in an international tender process, each applying to seven of the 14 airports (“Cluster A” and “Cluster B”).

Fraport Greece consists of two concession companies with their corporate seats in Athens, one company for Cluster A named “Fraport Regional Airports of Greece A S.A.” (“Fraport Greece A”) and one company for Cluster B named “Fraport Regional Airports of Greece B S.A.” (“Fraport Greece B”).

In addition, a third company with its corporate seat in Athens, acting as management company (“Management Company”) was founded. The Management Company takes over central functions on behalf of Fraport Greece A and Fraport Greece B, such as employment of staff and contracting of advisors or suppliers.

Fraport Greece employs approx. 620 employees both at the Athens based HQ and the 14 airports.

The shareholders of Fraport Greece are Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, the Copelouzos Group and Marguerite the 2020 European Fund.

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