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Fraport AG successfully manages and operates airports across the world while also acting as a provider of related services. Ensuring integrity in all business processes is a substantial prerequisite for our success. Its basis consists not only of our values but also of the Code of Conduct for Employees and the Supplier Code of Conduct, as both codes define and determine our actions.

The employees of the Fraport Group are obliged to observe all current laws and internal guidelines. If violations occur, however, we are interested in receiving reports on this kind of misconduct. We are grateful for every information provided by employees, customers, suppliers and business partners that helps to identify and rectify such irregularities. It is the only way to prevent economic disadvantage and reputational damage for our company.

Whistleblowers reporting actual or suspected violations are in no way "informers" but help to ensure the integrity in our business processes - and, as a result, our success as airport managers. Please give us your support. Your help matters!

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Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, (LkSG) requires companies to comply with human rights and certain environmental due diligence obligations in their supply chains in an appropriate manner. LkSG has been in force since January 1, 2023 for companies with at least 3,000 employees and this means that Fraport AG and all its fully consolidated subsidiaries like Fraport Greece must comply with the provisions of LkSG. In doing so, Fraport Greece has established the following Complaints Procedure (§8 LkSG):

Complaints Procedure - Scope of application

Reports of violations of human rights and breaches of environmental laws and regulations within the Fraport Group and at direct suppliers can be submitted through the following complaints/whistleblowing channel:

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Responsibilities and contact person

Complaints are handled by the Compliance department of Fraport Greece and, where necessary, with the support of other experts and Fraport AG. The responsible person for Fraport Greece is the Compliance Officer, Periklis Stroumpos, [email protected] .

How the complaints procedure works

Complaints are received by the Compliance department. The whistleblower receives a confirmation of receipt and is kept informed of the next steps that will be taken and the progress of the procedure. In case the report is anonymous, the whistle blower has to establish a secured postbox in accordance with instructions provided by the above mentioned whistleblowing channel.

In a first step, an initial assessment is carried out to check whether the reported breach falls within the material scope of the complaints procedure. Other requirements for instituting an investigation to establish the facts include whether the incident that has been described can be judged on the whole to be plausible and generally possible and might indicate a violation of any law or a serious breach of an internal regulation. In this process, it is examined whether any collection, processing, or use of data that takes place in the course of the investigation is permissible under data protection law.

The aim of the investigation is to clarify the facts of the matter that are the subject of the report in a neutral, competent, and objective manner. The investigation of the facts is carried out by suitable persons, who are required to act independently and maintain confidentiality. They contact the whistleblower, check the validity of the report that has been received, and, if necessary, request the whistleblower to provide more information. Reports of breaches at a direct supplier are investigated jointly with the supplier. The investigation is conducted on the basis of documents and interviews and is recorded comprehensibly in a case file. Case files are deleted once a year if there is no legitimate interest in retaining them. The whistleblower receives feedback on the progress of the procedure within three months following confirmation of receipt of their report. Feedback is provided only insofar as this does not affect any internal investigations and the rights of the persons who are the subject of a report or who are named in the report are not adversely affected.

Each case concludes with a written final report, which remains strictly confidential. The list of people to whom the report is distributed depends on the nature and severity of the breaches that are identified and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Information is disclosed only if this is necessary and permitted under data protection law. The final report includes penalties and suitable actions for remedying irregularities and preventing similar breaches in the future. After the investigation has been concluded, the whistleblower is notified of the follow-up actions to be taken, if this is permitted by law.

Protection against reprisals

At Fraport Greece, special protection is given to whistleblowers who pass on information in good faith in order to expose irregularities. The Compliance department guarantees that they are protected by maximum confidentiality and whenever legally possible, by ensuring their anonymity.
In terms of case management at Fraport Greece, this means that the identity of the whistleblower is disclosed solely to the persons who are responsible for receiving information or for instituting follow-up actions.

Fraport Greece ensures through the whistleblower system that whistleblowers who have sufficient reason to believe that their information is true are not obstructed, restricted, or influenced when they submit the information.

Whistleblowers who have been identified by name need not fear any reprisals, such as suspension, termination, relocation to other duties, disciplinary measures, discrimination, bullying or similar retaliation, from their Fraport Greece employer after they have submitted a report.

Information that is submitted with malicious intent or in bad faith to implicate employees is explicitly unwelcome. Information of this kind that is clearly intended only to harm, denounce, or disparage other people will not be processed. The whistleblower will not be given special protection against reprisals and can be subject to liability in these cases.

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