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Cookies are small text files that contain browsing information and are stored in your computer browser, when browsing our website. In the Fraport Greece Group, we use this technology, in order to offer a safe user experience.

Necessary for the website’s operation, as well as in order to provide you with the website functionalities that you choose to enable. Additional uses include averting improper use of our services, as well as storage of your privacy settings. According to the applicable legislation, your action is not required for the acceptance of these cookies. Third party providers may have access to this information.

Third-party access
Used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis.
1 month
User identifier for enabling the session retention, while browsing the website.
Remember user cookie settings on our websites.
1 year
Stores user’s preferences with respect to the cookie banner.
1 year
Stores user’s preferences with respect to the cookie banner.
1 year

You may find more information on Cloudflare’s privacy policy here.

By visiting with this website, you will receive Necessary cookies, without any further action of yours. Selecting the “X” button only closes the banner.

Necessary cookies are installed upon your website visit. As they are strictly necessary from a technical perspective, the applicable legislation allows us to install them without requiring any action or consent from you. Unfortunately, if you do not wish for them to be installed, you should not use our services and manually delete the cookies that have already been installed on your browser.

You may also control and manage the cookies via the settings of the browser you use. Some of your options (depending on the browser), are for example, the acceptance of all cookies, the notification for the installation of cookies or the ban of their installation.

Through the settings of your browser, you may reverse any installation of cookies and similar mechanisms by our website, by deleting the files already stored.

In order to manage and deactivate cookies, you may follow the relevant instructions per browser:

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