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Safety Management System

Safety has always been the greatest important consideration in all aviation activities. The ongoing growth in air passenger figures, can only be maintained reducing the number of safety relevant occurrences. According to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) it is mandatory for a certified aerodrome open to public, to have a Safety Management System (SMS) to achieve an acceptable level of safety in aviation operations, minimizing the loss of human life, property damage, environment and societal losses.

It is crucial to know that the Fraport Greece Safety Department always handles any submitted voluntary occurrence report with confidentiality. Please report your safety concerns and unsafe situations, so we can help protect people from being involved in potential accidents!

Who can Report?

Everyone including aviation professionals, aviation enthusiasts, passengers and members of the public, may submit this report.

What not to Report?

Please do not use this reporting for complaints about customer service, noise or specific airlines.

Please refer to contacts for further information on how to report these specific cases.

Anonymity of Reporting

Aerodrome Operator guarantees the confidentiality of the reports. Unless explicitly requested, this report is completely anonymous.

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