Announcement regarding operations at the “Makedonia” Airport in Thessaloniki

Following adverse weather conditions in northern Greece during the last 48 hours, Fraport Greece informs that:

  • Runways at the “Makedonia” Airport have remained fully operational throughout the intense snowfall.
    Thanks to the use of an expanded fleet of nine de-icing machines, de-icing equipment and the recent readiness exercise that took place in November 2018, the runways remained at all times and will remain fully operational.

  • Any flight delays, diversions or cancellations occurred solely due to the prevailing low visibility and were a result of decisions made by the respective airlines according to their operational processes and requirements.

  • Flight schedule is being normalized gradually and within the next few hours it is expected to be up to date.

Fraport Greece would like to thank the passengers for their understanding. Travelers are requested - prior visiting “Makedonia” Airport, to contact their airline or their travel agent or by visiting the official website of the Makedonia Airport, for an update on their flight status.

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