Fraport Greece: "The concerns for flight cancellations at Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport due to the state works are, unfortunately, confirmed"

Today’s cancellations of flights from Thessaloniki “Makedonia” airport by an international airline, relate to the same strong concerns raised over a year ago by Fraport Greece, the local authorities, the airport community and the local tourism over the implementation of the state works at the airport and the subsequent reduction in airport’s traffic.


Fraport Greece in an effort to address these concerns proposed a number of different solutions. The State - as it was its right - determined that the works should proceed and Fraport Greece is now providing the State appointed contractor all assistance it requires for the speedy and safe completion of the works.

The HCAA is the responsible authority on the safety issues related to the use of taxiway “F” as a runway for the flights at Thessaloniki “Makedonia” airport as well as for informing airline operators – which it did through the issuance of a NOTAM. Also, via an official announcement dated 24.11.2017, HCAA has certified the use of the taxiway “F” as the airport’s runway.

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