Fraport Greece, an ally to wildlife conservation

- The company contributes to the rescue campaign of the Green Toad on the island of Ithaca - Young toads have been detected recently, a direct result of this successful conservation initiative


Fraport Greece supports the campaign for the rescue of an endangered amphibian species on the island of Ithaca. Reptile & Amphibian Expert Ilias Strachinis begun the efforts to save the Green Toad commenced in 2017, with the creation of the first artificial ponds as breeding habitat for the remaining toad populations before they -too- go extinct.

The Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) is a species of toad, an amphibian, belonging to the frog family. Large populations of the Green Toad were reported to live on Ithaca some decades ago, however, their number dropped drastically, as a result of habitat fragmentation and the conversion of lakes and ponds, into agriculture, real estate and urban development, but also due to the presence of natural predators, such as native wild animals and feral cats.

The effort continued in 2018 and 2019; intensive field work day and night led to the detection of one and only remaining population at the area of Anogi, Ithaca. Approximately, 40 Green Toads have been located at just one breeding habitat. With the assistance of local partners, new and more permanent breeding sites were created, so as to help the remaining toads increase their population locally and become ready to relocate to other areas, like the artificial ponds of 2017, and beyond.

Fraport Greece, an ally to this Program for 2020, supported the "Lalitsa" Non-Profit Association, for the construction of two additional permanent water reserves, one at Anogi and one at the northern part of the island. Moreover, certain geological structures were modified so as to be able to retain water and become proper breeding habitat for amphibians, as well as self-made ramps were built, to help Green Toad tadpoles come out of their breeding sites.

A number of young toads have already been detected for the first time in areas of Ithaca which have not seen Green Toad populations for many decades, a clear indication that this local wildlife conservation action brings about very positive results.

The collaboration between Fraport Greece, and Ilias Strachinis (Lalitsa Non-Profit Association) dates back to 2019 and the presentation he gave at the Thessaloniki Airport Fire Station about reptile (especially snake) identification and protection.

Green Toad on the island of Ithaca

Νewly constructed water and geological habitats for Green Toads

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