Fraport Greece at the forefront of the fight against wildlife trafficking

Fraport Greece has signed the United for Wildlife Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration against wildlife trafficking, extending its biodiversity protection policy to the 14 regional airports and in close collaboration with ACI World.


Recognizing the devastating impact of the illegal wildlife trade on the environment and the ecosystems, the company has pledged to actively participate in tackling the issue.

By taking an active role alongside leading companies in the international transport industry, Fraport Greece will establish protocols to notify and alert the relevant law enforcement authorities in order to combat the illegal animal trade at the 14 regional airports. The action plan for the implementation of the company’s commitments is part of Fraport Greece’s Biodiversity Conservation Program and sits under a holistic strategy aiming at a sustainable development.

With wildlife protection at the top of its priorities, Fraport Greece aims to raise awareness to Greek and European stakeholders in order to mitigate wildlife trafficking in the most coordinated way possible.

Mr. Ilias Maragakis, Chief Operating Officer at Fraport Greece stated: “In the context of Fraport Greece’s strategy on sustainable development, we are taking yet another decisive step. By participating in the Buckingham Palace Declaration, we are joining forces with international leading companies and adopting a unified policy against illegal wildlife trade. In turn, we are now inviting those who have not yet done so, to sign this significant and powerful initiative, because together we can achieve great victories for the protection of the environment and biodiversity”.

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