Fraport Greece Holds Information Meeting for All Airport Operational Stakeholders of the 14 Regional Gateways

Ιn view of taking over the management of the 14 regional airports, Fraport Greece held a comprehensive information meeting on February 13 in Athens, for the excellent preparation of all parties involved in airport operations. The day-long session also covered operational and training issues. Participating stakeholders included representatives of Greek state authorities: the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), Hellenic Police, Hellenic Fire Services, Hellenic Air Force, Customs, General Secretariat for Civil Protection, Meteorological Services, Veterinarian and Phytosanitary Services, and the Hellenic Slot Authority. In addition, commercial partners participating included aircraft fueling providers, security companies and agencies, cleaning and facility management companies, Hellenic Duty Free Shops, airlines, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Board of Airline Representatives. The operational stakeholders meeting is part of a series of events being held by Fraport Greece with stakeholders at both the local and national levels.

Executives from Fraport Greece presented the organizational structure, philosophy and approach to the operation of the airports with focus on passenger safety, security and customer service. Together with participants, they analyzed and discussed the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, as well as the necessary operational procedures, and the plans for addressing emergencies and other critical issues.

During his speech at the stakeholders meeting Fraport Greece CEO Alexander. Zinell emphasized: “We have all been working hard for this program, which is more than just a project. With the 14 Greek Regional Airports, we are launching a new era, in terms of operation and governance, as well as customer service. We want to operate and develop the airports to better serve these destinations and Greece overall, and to grow the aiports hand-in-hand with their respective communities and regions. We see tremendous growth potential both for the airports and the destinations they serve. Unlocking this potential and being an integral part of the worldwide success story of Greek tourism is the reason why Fraport Greece is paying an upfront fee of 1.2 billion euros and is committed to investing at least 330 million during the first four years of the concession”. Zinell also thanked all stakeholders – making a special reference to the HCAA and thanking the HCAA governor and his team for their tremendous support.


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