Fraport Greece wins Gold award at the 2019 Tourism Awards

A significant distinction for the strategic upgrade of the infrastructure at the 14 airports managed by Fraport Greece


Fraport Greece was awarded the gold award for the strategic upgrade of infrastructures at the 14 airports that it has been managing since April 2017.

The award was in recognition of the company’s successful implementation of the investment program that, among others, includes the simultaneous expansion and renovation of the commercial spaces over 14 airports throughout Greece.

In just under two years, a large number of new outlets and restaurants have been developed, always in keeping with the elements of the famous Greek hospitality and service.

In order to achieve better passenger service and unique travel experience, Fraport Greece, accepted the challenge of revamping 14 airports in Greece. By 2021 with the completion of the investment program for the expansion and upgrading of the 14 airports, the commercial areas will triple in space, exceeding 30,000 square meters.

New restaurants and coffee shops are already in place with focus on local flavors offering travelers "a last taste of Greece" before departing, as well as famous food and beverage chains such as Burger King, Starbucks and Goody's. An extensive program to expand and upgrade all commercial shops is also currently underway.

On the occasion of the award, Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director of Commercial & Business Development at Fraport Greece, stated, "We are particularly proud of the fact that this award comes just two years after we took over management of the 14 airports. Through our modernization and expansion program, our vision is that the 14 Greek airports - entry points for millions of tourists visiting our country – will contribute to the strengthening of their travel experience and play a crucial role in the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of the Greek tourism market. We thank all our partners who support our vision- changing for good”.

Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director of Commercial Business & Development at Fraport Greece

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