Fraport Greece’s airports receive renewed certification from ACI World for measures curbing the spread of the coronavirus

The Airports Council International (ACI World) has re-certified the 14 airports managed by Fraport Greece another year for the implementation of measures and best practices aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus.


Despite the gradual winding down of measures against the spread of the virus in Greece and elsewhere, Fraport Greece is not complacent and remains strongly committed to its health and hygiene program. This is the reason why Fraport Greece proceeded with re-certifying the regional airports at 11 island and 3 mainland locations. The company is proving in practice that caring for the health and safety of passengers is not just an obligation – but also an integral part of its corporate culture and identity.

Fraport Greece, therefore, continues to place special emphasis on the health and safety of passengers and staff, regardless of the epidemiological situation prevailing during the current travel season. Initiatives include regular disinfection of all airport areas, as well as enhancing contactless transactions and procedures at various points throughout the airports. This remains one of Fraport Greece’s top priorities. In cooperation with stakeholders and partners. Furthermore, Fraport Greece has invested significantly in human resources training since the pandemic began. Our goal here is to prepare employees for effectively addressing the challenges of the pandemic crisis.

Mr. Panagiotis Spyratos, the Chief Operations Officer of Fraport Greece, emphasized: “Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of passengers, as well as the employees at all 14 airports. Therefore, we are not complacent about the easing of Covid-19 measures. On the contrary, we are working diligently and systematically to provide a hygienic and safe environment at our 14 airports. The re-certification received from Airports Council International underscores our unwavering commitment to public health and the protection of passengers and staff.”

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