Frequent questions about the protection measures against Covid-19 implemented by Fraport Greece at the 14 airports


What are the protection measures taken regarding to the airport employees I might come into contact?

Fraport Greece follows closely EODY action plan.

The airport employees possess Personal Protective Equipment kits (including protective eyewear, facemasks and caps, antiseptic gel, disposable gowns and gloves).

In addition, in order to minimize any chance our employees contract or spread the virus, the airport operator has modified the shift procedures and advised the personnel to avoid close personal contact on shift changes.

How the airport guarantees the safe distance in the ticketing or security check line? What measures have been taken for the screening personnel in case a physical contact during the screening process is required?

Airport employees continuously advise passengers to maintain a 1.5-meter minimum distance from others, while queuing at security checkpoints or departure gates.

Tensa-barriers are put before every check-in counter and sales desk, so that a safe distance is maintained between passengers during check-in & ticketing.

What if there is a suspected COVID-19 case while I am at the airport?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease and as part of the Emergency Response Plan, all the airports Fraport Greece manages, have designated areas for passengers who exhibit symptoms of the disease during flight (possible incidents), and separate areas for their co-passengers.

At the same time, plans regarding the safe management of biologically hazardous waste, the disinfection of aircrafts, vehicles and airport areas have been prepared, as well as the proper management of possible incidents in airport facilities.

How is the airport disinfected?

The cleaning services have increased the frequency of cleaning/ preventive disinfection at all public access areas of the airport. In more detail:

1) Arrivals: following each arrival, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point surfaces, including doors and door handles, conveyor belts, handrails, elevator buttons, airport seating and tables, water dispensers, restroom basins and equipment etc.)

2) Departures: following each departure, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point areas.

3) Check-in counters: upon completion of the check-in procedure for each flight, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point areas.

4) Gate counters: following the embarkation procedure for each flight, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point areas.

5) Automatic Teller Machines (Cash ATMs): thorough cleaning, according to existing protocols and recommendations.

6) Passport and Customs Control Areas accessible to passengers: thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point surfaces, following each use.

7) Other common areas and uncontrolled facilities: thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point surfaces.

8) Security Screen Checkpoints: following the departure of all passengers of each flight, or every 3 hours if that's not feasible, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point surfaces (personal itemz trays and X-ray conveyor belts).

9) Restrooms (WC): thorough cleaning and disinfection of all facilities (including doors and door handles, water taps and basins, toilet bowls and other accessories or equipment, etc.). Paper towel dispensers are installed at every airport toilet, while soap and running water supply is checked regularly, so as to ensure a maximum level of personal hygiene for both passengers and airport personnel, in accordance with recommendations by WHO and Public Health Officials.

Do I need to use the shuttle bus to go from the terminal to the aircraft?

When feasible, a walk in – walk out practice is followed during embarkation/disembarkation, so that travelers can avoid airport shuttle buses from the terminal to the aircrafts and vice versa.

Is public transportation to/from the Airport affected by the current situation?

YES. We strongly advise passengers to contact the relevant bus operator for confirmation of bus schedules to/from the airport..

Do the airports’ restaurants/coffee shops operate?

YES but only for takeway. The airports’ restaurants/coffee shops operate but offer only take-away service.

Will my flight be affected due to COVID-19?

YES. Due to the pandemic, flight schedules have been affected. We advise passengers to contact their airline or travel agency for latest information regarding their flight of interest.

Do I have to wear a protective mask when entering and waiting within the airport?

The use of protective mask is mandatory as of May 17th 2020 when entering and waiting within the airport. An administrative fine of one hundred fifty (150) euros is imposed/ article 8 of Decision No Δ1α/ΓΠ.οικ. 30612/17.5.2020 (Government Gazette Β 1869).

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