Meeting of Fraport Greece with the local stakeholders of Chania

Fraport Greece held a meeting and open discussion with executives and representatives of local government, as well as professional and trade associations of the prefecture of Chania and the region of Crete, and representatives of the local media on Monday 26 September 2022 at the venue "Mikis Theodorakis" in Chania.


The meeting, an initiative of Fraport Greece, was set in the context of the regular meetings of the management company of Chania Airport "Ioannis Daskalogiannis" with local stakeholders and partners.

The subject of the discussion was the operation, progress and development of Chania Airport, its sustainable development and its contribution to the upgrading of the tourism product. Also, during the open discussion, the attendees exchanged views on specific issues, including the development of this year's summer season, low-cost companies and the model of sustainable tourism for Crete.

In particular, Mr. Alexander Zinell, CEO of Fraport Greece, noted in his address: "The completion of the 14 regional airports is the foundation for what we would like to plan and implement together with the Greek society, with the same credibility and the same values that we have been pursuing so far, always with Greece’s progress in mind. Now, we are aiming at the services and the experience of the visitors. To create a climate of safety and trust, through the provision of quality services and an overall experience comparable to the best of its counterparts worldwide. As far as Chania "Ioannis Daskalogiannis" Airport is concerned, despite the unprecedented situations we all experienced during the pandemic, the city's airport has been on an upward trajectory over time with a flight mix that promises an even better and sustainable future."

Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director of Commercial & Business Development of Fraport Greece, on the occasion of the completion of 5 years of Fraport Greece's presence in Greece, during his speech focused on the review of the evolution of passenger traffic at Chania Airport, presenting detailed data on the markets to which the airport is connected, as well as the airlines operating at the airport. Particular reference was made to the issue of extending the tourist season, as well as the incentive program provided by the company to all companies that choose to operate international routes to Chania during the winter months. Mr. Vilos also referred to the significant efforts that have been made in recent years to invest in the development of public and private infrastructure in Chania, as well as the very successful cooperation of Fraport Greece with the Association of Hoteliers of Chania and the Region of Crete to effectively promote the destination and attract new connections.

Mr. Panagiotis Spyratos, Chief Operations Officer of Fraport Greece, referred to the operational readiness of the airport in terms of safety, quality and speed of passenger service, as well as the continuous upgrade of the technical infrastructure of the terminal.

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