Replacement works at the road of Mykonos Airport

As part of a broader plan to further upgrade the already high level of safety and operation of the regional airports, Fraport Greece, the Operator of Mykonos Airport, will proceed with the replacement of the asphalt road, which extends throughout the urban area, in front of the entrance of Mykonos Airport.


Specifically, from 15th of February 2023 to 24th of March 2023, the successive phases of the project will be carried out gradually, in order to replace the total surface of the existing road with a new one, covering an area of 6,778 m2.

The works have been designed to be carried out under sustainable terms, fully respecting the area, as supporting local sustainable development and being socially responsible are Fraport Greece’s key principles. At the same time, all the safety measures for the project are observed and the safe diversion of vehicles has been planned for the above period.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that the functionality of the Airport is fully ensured, throughout the entire duration of the construction works.

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