Runway safety zone reconfiguration works at Santorini Airport

As part of the further multi-level upgrading of the regional airports, Fraport Greece, the Operator of Santorini Airport, will proceed with the reconfiguration of the airport’s runway safety zones.


Specifically, works to further enhance the security level of the airport will be carried out from February 23rd  to  March 16th, 2023.

It should be noted that throughout the works, the operation of the runway will not be suspended and the uninterrupted operational functionality of the Airport will be fully ensured.

These works are part of the Concession Agreement and they are implemented under sustainable terms, aiming to further strengthening the airport's security level. They are also carried out in terms of sustainability and respect for the land, since supporting sustainable development and social responsibility are Fraport Greece’s key principles.

Regulatory compliance and safety at all levels, are a key priority for the company. It is worth mentioned that these works are part of a broader plan to further upgrade the already high level of safety and operation of the regional airports managed by Fraport Greece and they are related to large-scale projects that will be executed by the company as part of the Recovery and Resilience Fund financing.

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